More game features - Weapons

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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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More game features - Weapons

There are many types of weapons and ammunition in the game. Each weapons has its own specifications, its strengths and weaknesses. There are weapons that are effective only against incoming missiles and others against attacks by bombers or against missile launchers. Knowledge about these weapon capabilities will help you set up a good defense.

Your enemy will always try to find out where the weaknesses are in your defense and which of his weapons can inflict most damage with few losses to his own weapon systems.

Table of Contents:

1. Weapons in details
2. Defensive weapons
3. Defensive Missile Batteries
4. Defensive navy missile batteries
5. Missile Interceptor batteries - Missile Interceptors
6. Defensive navy missile interceptor batteries
7. Defensive anti aircraft missile batteries
8. Helicopters
9. Interceptors
10. Radar Planes
11. Defensive Armored Vehicles
12. Defensive Jeeps
13. Light Artillery
14. Light Tanks
15. Defensive destroyers
16. Offensive weapons
17. Offensive Heavy Armored Vehicles
18. Offensive Heavy Artillery
19. Offensive Heavy Jeeps
20. Offensive Heavy Tanks
21. Rapid Deployment Units
22. Special Forces
23. Seals Units
24. Offensive anti aircraft missile batteries
25. Offensive anti tank missile batteries
26. Mid range missile batteries
27. Offensive land to sea missiles
28. Offensive guided missiles
29. Attack destroyers
30. Supply Ships
31. Attack Helicopters
32. Navy Helicopters
33. Bombers
34. Fighter Planes
35. Navy Fighter Planes
36. Attack Drones
37. Long Range Radar Planes
38. Cruise missile batteries
39. Missile Cruisers
40. Conventional Long Range Missile Batteries
41. Strategic weapons
42. Nuclear Missiles Batteries
43. Chemical Missiles Batteries
44. Tactical Missiles Batteries
45. Nuclear Submarines
46. Strategic Bombers

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