Managing Corporations

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What is Simcountry?
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Managing Corporations

Corporations in Simcountry are essential to the economy of all countries. Each country has initially between 10 and 20 corporation. These corporations employ many workers and their success is essential for your success in the game. Corporations are successful if they produce and sell large quantities of the products they produce. They must run at full capacity or close to full capacity and sell everything they produce.

Corporations can be very profitable if handled correctly and will pay taxes to the government, which will in turn enable it to pay for whatever it wants to achieve. Failing to manage the corporations may lead to large losses and to bankruptcy and closure of the corporations.

Corporations are meant to be very large and they produce a single product or a group of products. Examples: Corn, meat (any kind of meat), Meat products (any kind of processed meat products), Services, High tech services or military services. There are more than 200 different products, each with its own production process and raw materials that are needed in the production process.

Table of Contents:

1. Corporations
2. Products
3. The Production Process
4. Corporate finance
5. Corporate Income
6. Product Pricing
7. Corporate costs
8. Material costs
9. Maintenance costs
10. Fixed cost in corporations
11. Corporation's quality
12. Private and Public Corporations - revenue contribution
13. Special clinics for the rehabilitation of the disabled
14. Reintegration schools for housewives
15. Corporate orders
16. Supply of airports, air bases and other large objects
17. Supplies of Construction, Services, Maintenance, Air Transport and Electric power
18. Profitability of Corporations
19. Corporate profit, loss and cash flow
20. Corporate taxes and profit payments
21. Profit payments
22. Loan limit in corporations
23. Corporate assets
24. Corporate Market Value
25. Corporate market value - public corporations
26. Corporate market value of state corporations versus private corporations
27. Presidents can block CEOs from setting up corporations
28. Private and Public Corporations versus State Corporations
29. Efficiency of Corporations
30. Automatic Upgrading of Corporations
31. Corporations - Production levels
32. Retaining products in corporations
33. Automatic Product reservations for contracts
34. Not delivering on contracts and spending limit overruns
35. Contract pricing
36. Selling retained products
37. Corporations with many unsold products
38. Canceling of contracts is free of penalty
39. Workers in Corporations
40. Salaries in corporations and Salary targets
41. Setting Salary Targets
42. Corporations - Hiring and firing
43. State and national corporations
44. Money transfers between countries and state corporations
45. Private Corporations
46. Private corporations - Upgrade level
47. Automatic bidding on corporations
48. Public Corporations
49. Corporations can repurchase their own shares
50. Corporations can issue new shares at market value
51. Setting up new corporations
52. Building corporations
53. New Corporations Profitability
54. Building corporations in Computer Controlled Countries
55. Purchasing existing corporations
56. Corporations in countries with no president
57. Gamemaster Corporations
58. Moving a corporation to another country.
59. Moving a corporation into a C3 country
60. Corporations at risk of being closed
61. Closing Corporations
62. Recently closed corporations
63. Changing the name of a corporation
64. Some Product Descriptions

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