Nominal Value of countries and enterprises in $ US

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Nominal Value of countries and enterprises in $ US

The nominal value of countries and Enterprises is an indication of the value of the country and it has three components. (Clicking on the nominal value will show the details of its computation).

The nominal value has an assets component. The total assets value of the country (or enterprise) is converted to a number of gold coins, based on the exchange rate in the world where the country is located.

The size of the population and specially the number that exceeds 30 millions is also a factor in the value because population can be traded on the market as long as at least 30 millions remain in the country.

The last component of the nominal value is the profitability of the country or enterprise. If a country or an enterprise can produce a profit in each game year, that profit represents an asset value.

We compute the profitability of the country in a real month (90 game months) and convert the value into gold coins. The computation is based on the profitability of the country in the last game year and on the expected profitability for the current game year. These numbers show on the financial page of each country or enterprise.

The numbers are used to compute the average profitability per game month. These numbers are multiplied by 90 to compute the value per real month. All this results in a profitability number, in Gold coins, per real month. For enterprises, the value is based on last month profit as longer term numbers are not available. This will be improved and longer term values will be used to compute the profit value for enterprises.

That number of gold coins is multiplied by 50 to get a profitability value.

The assumption is that if a country, or an enterprise can produce a profit of for example, 5 Gold coins per real month, the value is 50 times higher, or 250 gold coins.

This is based on a 2% profit per real month that is quite high (more than 24% per year), but as the profitability of the country or enterprise is not guaranteed and may fluctuate, 24% does not seem too high. This factor goes in fact beyond the definition of nominal value but we decided to make it part of the value.

All values are in $ US and assume a gold coin price of $ 0.10. This is true when 360 gold coins are purchased for $ 36 but the price is higher if smaller numbers are being purchased and lower if the gold coins are paid out.

The computation of the nominal value is a preparation for the introduction of country and Enterprise trading that will be added to the game in the coming weeks.

The net cash market feature will allow the owners of multiple countries (empires), or multiple enterprises, to sell countries or enterprises on the cash market and receive payments in Gold Coins.

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