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Maintenance costs

Maintenance is part of the cost of corporations keeping their facilities running at their current quality level. The cost depends mainly on the quality level of the corporation. Corporations use "Corporate maintenance Units" to keep their facilities running at full quality.

Maintenance cost in corporations depends on the quality of the corporation and on its type. State corporations require more maintenance and high quality corporations also require higher quality maintenance.

Corporations buy factory maintenance products and use them each month. The number of factory maintenance products that are needed each game month, depends on the quality level of the corporation and the on the type of the corporation as state corporations use many more factory maintenance products.

Corporations must have enough corporate maintenance units to make sure they are well maintained. If there are shortages of the product in a corporation, the corporation may see its quality declining. Such decline will stop when maintenance units are on stock.

Corporate maintenance units are purchased by the corporations in the same way raw materials are purchased.

Once a state corporation becomes a private or a state corporation, the cost of factory maintenance falls sharply.

Maintenance cost does not depend on the production level in the corporation. It is the same amount independent of the income of the corporation. This is why maintenance cost is relatively higher if the corporation is producing at a low level. Corporations that are producing a low level become much less profitable because several cost items become relatively high.

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