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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Income and cost

This is the main financial report that shows how the country is doing from month to month. It shows the income from taxes and contributions people pay towards education and health and it shows income from corporations all types of corporations.

The cost side shows the amount you spend on every government item including health, education, transportation, social security and defense. Interest income from loans you gave to others and interest payments on loans you have received is also part of this report.

You are advised to watch this report frequently and you must understand the figures. When you are trying to improve the economy of your country or you are investing in a strong army, results of your efforts will become visible on the financial data page.

Having a negative cash flow and financial shortages is not a major problem when you are investing in your economy. In the long run however, your investments should translate into higher income that will make it possible to pay the interest on the outstanding loans and also pay the loans when they are due.

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