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bullet Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
Beginners Info
What is Simcountry?

Simcountry Poll Results - Voting for new features in Simcountry

Many players are contributing their ideas to the voting system in Simcountry and allow players to vote for or against their proposals. There are many ideas that were contributed in the past months and years. This is a great way to convey opinions to us and make your point with support of many others who join in voting for it.

Ordering Supplies
Other Transportation Companies
our country should have corps
Overdraft protection for supplies
Overseas Bases...
Pandemics and epidemics
parks and stores
parties, inferior security and Censorship
Parttime Employment.
Patrol routes
Paying in Cash
Paying off corp. debt
Peace Loving Countries
Peaceful Countries and Empires
People can join countries together and grow stronger
Pharmacutical companies measure 1
Physical Features
Pipelines and Powerlines.
Place human owner on list of corporations to purchase
placing airports in an enemy territory
Plant Expansion
Please Fix Contract Full Production
Police and Police Stations
Police Force Index Under Government
Police Force.
Police, Fire
Political and Economic Union
Political map
Poll choice Unclear
Poll questions
Polls should have motivation for each voter
Polls with no subject, solution, and or are just plain stupid
Pool Federation Disaster Relief
Population welfare index
Population Die off
Population Growth Booster
population increase
population transfer
Population transfer. Reduce min pop in source country.
Population Transfers
population transfers should be equal rights
Portfolio targets
Position Tradeing
Positions in the Federation!!!!!
Prefixed naming of corporations
Prefixsuffix handling.
President Search
presidents should be entitled to execute criminals
Prevent brand new players from declaring war
prices of weapons
Priority setting for Supply Units
priority supplyairlifting
prison system
Prison system some more thought
Private IPOS
Problems with the Corps.
Product History Graphs, and IPO Ability Identification.
product pricing
Product Sell Price
Production Swings and Undelivered Contracts
Professional Exchange for new slave states
Professional Worker Emigration Full Members Only
Profit Review of Corporations
Profit Transfer Labour exchanges.
profit, cash and debt
Proposals of logic.
protest protest protest!!!
Public Corporations
Public corporations and share prices
Public corps
Public offering for corps.
Public relations.
Purchase and movement of Weapons
purchase of troubled corps
Purchasing C3s
Purchasing Disaster Relief Supplies...
Purchasing From Four Seasons
Purchasing weapons.
Put commands at top of all pages, not bottom!
Put the move corporation link on the corporation page
Putting a Country or Enterprise on the market!
Quality counts on weapons
Queueing of purchases for military spending limits
quicker construction for nukes
Quicker military buildup
raising offensive weapons in new C3
Rank Reasons
Ranking for other
Rankings Awards
Rankings based on score regardless of awards
Ranks for Federations
Rationalization of Country Contracts
Raw Material
Re: Mobile Defense
Real profit should be real.
Real use of gas, gasoline and air craft fuel
realistic war zone
Realistic Wars
Rebels in empires
Reciprocatio fo promoting Simcountry
red flag for corporations with a faulty input value in a list
Reduce costs of country resources
Reduce the limits on paying members from playing this game!
Reduce time needed to transport military
Reduceremove penalties for closing corporations
Reducing minimum amount of population able to transfer
Refine numbers of housewives and disabled
Reletive wages
Relief improvement
relief resources
Relocation Requests
remove auto IPOs of corporations 3rd times
Remove four seasons from ceo buying restrictions.
Remove invulnerable corps from defense autodeployment
Remove notifications for trade within an empire
Remove rebels
Remove restrictions once registered
Remove the Movement Penalty on FB World
Removing Old Bids from Cash Market Menu
Rename quotCar Enginesquot to quotAutomotive Partsquot
Renaming cooperations
Reparations Surrender
Reparations for damages to corps
Repeat Offenders :
Requested Products Ouality.
Resource reserves
Resources for countries
Resources of your Forces
Respons on bug reports
Response by gamemasters
restaurant corporation anyone?
Retooling a Corp
Retrainning Workers
Revamp Military
Revised version of National U.N Council
Rework BTW schools and SC UI
Riot Police
Runing out of workers sucks
S.C. renovation
Safety Index
Salaries on automatic systems
Salary booster
Salary index
Salary targets for government workers.
Sale of Products
Sateliate program
saving sent messages
score calculating system
Score Details
Scroll Saver
Sea Born Invasion
Sea Transport
search for countries building new corps or moving them
Searching by president name
Searching countries to start corporations in.
Searching for Countries
Searching for countries for enterprise corporations
Secure Mode revisited
Secure Mode?
Secured Mode
Secured Mode Incentive
Secured Mode on LongTerm Inactives
Secured Mode Timer
Security and Prevention
Security Council
Security Council Corruption
Security Council law
Security council message board.
Security Council Monitor
Security Council Options
Security Council Police Powers
Security Council Proposals
Security council relief teams
security council voting
Security Council: Random Selection or Election?
Security counsel Grants
Security Counsel Troops
See a Presidents Empire Map
Sell entire inventory to owner countryenterprise
Sell Shares Directly
Sell upgrades to your own corps
Selling and Buying Shares
Selling CEOs
Selling enterprises and countries.
Selling Military on the Open Market
Selling our Countries
Selling shares
Send Confirmation of Trades
Send Messages
sending aid to struggling nations
Sending of Relief Supplies
senior doctors

How to Play Simcountry