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bullet Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?

Simcountry Poll Results - Voting for new features in Simcountry

Many players are contributing their ideas to the voting system in Simcountry and allow players to vote for or against their proposals. There are many ideas that were contributed in the past months and years. This is a great way to convey opinions to us and make your point with support of many others who join in voting for it.

Sensible autoconversion with LLW shortages
September 1, 2010
September 13, 2007
September 19, 2006
September 20, 2005
September 21, 2006
September 25, 2007
September 3, 2007
server time
service industriesadded
Set ammunition targets
Set Investment Fund Portfolio Targets
Set military activereserve percentage.
Set target at IPO
Setting Citizen Tax Rate
Setting The Price of the companies Goods
Share Dealing A Sell AllMaximum Button
Share listspublic offerings
Share Market
Share Market Improvement on display
Share Market Improvements
share trading for countries
share trading improvements vote
Shares and Investment Funds
Should Custom Design Be Possible? Issue 12
should here be a space program for industry and military
should more experienced members help less experianced ones
Should new player be allowed to start wars as soon as they start playing?
should pop multiply faster
Should raiding be allowed?
Should there be an option to turn off automatic loans?
Should there be better breakdown of money spent in military?
Should there be harbors
Should there be more things to do in simcountry?
Should there be Spying in Simcountry?
Should War Treaties be available between Countries?
should we allow religion
should we get more assistance?
Show Average Price for Country Stock
Show corporation owner on bid screen
Show Countries Secured Mode Status on Region Map
Show Debt, Quality and Efficiency on the Buying Corp. list.
show IPO eligibles
Show more information on CEO homepages...
show shortage of the common market.
Show Tax Paid By Enterprises.
Show the net values for employment
Sim country flash or pluggin based version
Simcountry Chat.
SimCountry Should have Government Types.
Simplify Army Units
Simplifying Nuclear Defense
Size of Common Market CM
slave country tax
small buisnesses
Small Business
Sneak Attack Messages
Sneak Attacks
Social dumping
Social Security.
Social Security VS Unemployment
Social Security.
SOLVE messages Issue NOW
Some interesting and useful suggestions
Sorting your corporations
Space Craft Program.
space programs
Space Programs and NearSpace Research
Special Forces.
Specific Interface Improvements
Specify Who To Lend To
Speed game time up?
Speed up the way we manage contracts.
Spelling error
Spending TaxampStores
Sports in the game
Sports Teams
Start a new world different from the existing ones
Start date for contracts and reserves
Starting Corporations
Starting game
Starting new polls
Statesupported Religion
Statistical Analysis Tool
Statistics and graphs: more information please
Status Of Common Mart Membership
Stealth Weapons
Stickies in the Forums
Stop automatic public offering.
Stop C3 Warfare
Stop immediate nationalizing of corporations by new presidents
Stop interest rate changes
Stop Manipulating Prices
Stop the population purge when a president leaves
Stop the Population Reductions
Stopping the same people getting aid from the security council
Stragetic Weapons
Stragety bases should be open
Strategic Contracts
Strategic Corporations
Strategic Stock Average Price
strategic stock price
strategic technological upgrading
Strategic Weapons
Strategic Weapons for NonFull Members
Subject Accepted, continued till Updated
Submitting votes in Federations and Common Markets
Subtransportation index
Supplies and the common market.
Supplies in Stock Option
Supply and Demand Within CountriesEmpires
Supply Increase
Supply levels in corporations.
Supply Shortages
support teams
surprise loans
Switching between countries in your empire
Taking a Corp Private
Taking over countries
talking on chat rooms
task forces should be....
Tax Brackets
Tax collection.
Tax hike notice
Tax incentives
Tax Option on Auto Search Feature
Tax Options
Tax rates in countries
Tax: Lower or higher
Technological Universities
technology index
Temp Corporations
Territorial Waters.
Terrorist Acts
terrorist in c3s status: please read our response
Testing Facilities
That bigger countries give smaller countries a chance!
The 5th World
The cash market
The Common Market Making it work.
The Cost of Moving Corporations
The First Step to Unifying Empires: Empire Taxes
The Market List
The opportunity to discuss resolutions before voting.
The right to close empires.
the share maket
the simcountry security counsil
Throw out New Menu
Time difference
Timocracy Security Council
To add product demand to offerretract product screen.
Too many low level workers! vote for a change!
Too much manufacturing interdependence.
totally public corps
Totals on the Cash Market.
Totaly Peaceful World
Tourism Industry and the Environment
Tourism, Government Cabinet, Terrorism Anti Terrorism, Emergency interventions during natural disasters
Trade Contracts Between Enterprises
Trade Employees
trade games money for coins
Trade market : viewing best limits or full market depth
Trade Strategies
Trade Strategies Page.
Trade stratergies
Trade stratergies screen under corporations
trade strats
Trade Workers on Direct Market
Trading between worlds
trading routs
Trading Strategies
Trading with shares
Trainroad colors
Trains and Rail Transportation
trains and their colors
Trains trains trains
Traning of military units
transfer between slave countries
transfer of goods
transfer of goods and money
Transfer population among owned countries or empires
Transferring money from Enterprise to Country.
Transfers of Goods between empires
transport and inferstructer
Transportation and Logistics System
Transportation expanded
Transportation Index
Travel and Trade Routes
Troop Carrier Ships
Troops in the game
Tutorial for new players
Tutorial World
Tutorials and general SC Welfare.
Two Corporation taxes
Type of Government.
Unclear Polls Edit the answer options
unclear voting

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