Tutorials and general SC Welfare.

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Tutorials and general SC Welfare. Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

Well, just as my last motion (Which got a ridiculous approval but still...not accomplished) To progress the game, and get new players to stick around rather than joining chat, bitching about the game, then leaving just to say, "what a waste of 12 dollars." or leave before the addiction of SC sinks in...We need to either 1. Assign newer players, (such as myself) and people less than a year, who are highly active, and listen to Vet players to re structure the Tutorial. On the tutorial subject, its ridiculous how misinformative it is, with game news updates since they take forever anyway, with each change that may ruin creditability in the tutorial, needs to get updated as well, though a very hard task, i'd do it for the welfare of the game. Because over the last 5 Months of playing, I've got My country on LU to rank 11. Not bad, but sadly not one damn thing did i learn from the tutorial, if it werent for the chat, and the nice vet's (though some hard on you at first, but they warm up to you) I would have quit playing this game, probably 3 days after i payed. Its over powering how many buttons and tinkering you can do, but to a new person, the complexity of it all sure the setup of the "newbie automations" is a good add-on. But what about those who want to know the ins and outs, or those wanting to advance, and pay into the game to get going faster..(Like myself..) I paid in 60 Dollars in Nov. I have nothing to show for it.... I just think if you take regulars who are on often, and recent members that never had to deal with things like the vets with the "in the good ole days" crap. we just accept it as "the way" and shorten it to the basics, It'd be much easier, perhaps a Basic tutorial, and advanced tutorial, and the videos, cut them, they dont even agree with the text.... Sorry to be so long, but I really think this would expand SC into a highly more user friendly, and attractability...would sky rocket.. Sincerely <3 <3 <3 Jess

19 gamers voted for the proposal.
8 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

Simcountry now has a lot of documentation, tutorials, a system that directs users to what they should do next and some videos. We should add more and we will.

However, most questions directed to us are answered in multiple documents. Players do not want to read, they want to click.

Any effort to add a great tutorial for beginners is more than welcome. If anybody want to help, please mail us and we will coordinate the effort to make sure the materials can be used.

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