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bullet Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
Beginners Info
What is Simcountry?

Simcountry Poll Results - Voting for new features in Simcountry

Many players are contributing their ideas to the voting system in Simcountry and allow players to vote for or against their proposals. There are many ideas that were contributed in the past months and years. This is a great way to convey opinions to us and make your point with support of many others who join in voting for it.

booster for education
boycott improvements
boycott votes
Brainstorming page on public votes
Bravo W3 Staff
Breakthrough Technology
Bring Back Old Warmaps, make The Big map optional
Browsing SimCountry FireFox
Budget and Cost Display
Budget Screen
Build more housing
building corporations immediately
building for ceo.
Building in Other Countries
Building new corps with CEO
Building World Buildings
Bulk Deployment of Nuclear Defense.
Bulk Raise Salaries
buy a bombs while a newbie
buy and sell countries that have the same i.p. address
Buy corporations
buy from stock option in Corporation order page
Buy it now! for cash markets
buy more army and workers
buying nukes
buying parts of land
buying population allocations
Buying PopulationWorkers
BuyingNationalizing Corporations.
C3s Shaded
Canceling Contracts
Cancelling Country Contracts
Cash Limits in Corporations
Cash Market population sales
Cash Transfers into Public Corps
cash transfers out of corps to enterprise
Categories for enterprise corporations
Centralized Military Control
Centralized Military Control Expanded.
CEO Block bid Corps
CEO and country trading
CEO Blocking
CEO building corps
CEO Contracts
CEO corp country limit
CEO Corporations
CEO corps and countries
CEO CORPS different color text plz
CEO HQ corps
CEO Information Feature
CEO startups in new countries.
CEOs Find good places to build corporations
Change Enterprise Tax to Corporate Headquarters
Change Financial Index and Employment Index
Change limits.
Change maximum number of coins requested in Direct Trading
Change newspaper details
change pres message
change profession
Change profession of Employees
change proffesion
Change purchase products and services
Change the colors on the map
Change the Finance Rank for GDP
Change the names of certain ammunition
change the profession of workers
Change the welcome note on ceo.
Change to the activationdeactivation of weapons
Change your vote
Changing Empire Leadership
Changing of the rules
Changing Profession of Some Workers
Changing the Term Slave Country
changing worker profession
Changing worker professions
Changing workers.
Changing Your Country Name
Charity organisations
chatroom name changing
cheaper military units
Cheaper Weapon
Choice of Corp types to auto build in countries
Choosing Pop
Churches that should be built
CitizenTroop Morale System
City occupation
City Population Control
Civil Unrest and Rebels
Civil War in large empires
Civilian and Commercial Airports
Clear Choice
Clear Polls
Clearer Market
Close rather than destroy military bases
Close Young Corporations
Closed Schools,Universities and Hospitals.
closing automatically created corporations
closing of buildings
Closing Schools Hospitals Infrastructure
Closing StateNational Corporations
Co fed leaders
coin bidding
Colonising On Other Worlds
Colonization, Exploration, and trading Land
Color Coding Corporations
Combating Civil Unrest
Combine Empire Finances
Combined Indexes For Empires
commen market change
Commenting on Poll Proposals
Comments section for the security council vote
Commercial naval cargo ships
Commodities tradeing
Common Local Market for our CountriesCorporations
Common Contract Addition
Common Market.
Common Market.
Common market Empire Statistics.
Common Market adjustments
Common Market Advantage
Common Market and Contracted Item Strategies
Common Market AQPAEP
Common Market Auto Update
Common Market contract
Common Market Contracts
Common market data and prices
Common Market Map
common market members
Common market needs
Common Market Pricing
Common Market Rankings
Common Market Reform.
Common Market Situation
Common Market.
Common marketFederation Forum
Common markets
Common Markets Empires
Communicate with all Federation Common Market Members
CommunistSocialist Economies
Community based chat moderation
Company Contracts
Company Divisions
Compare country with another
complaints and
concentration and detention camps
Conquered Countries
constution que
Consumption Contracts
Contest to Award Olympics
Continent Olympics
Contractfree market breakdown
Contracts and Production Changes
contracts and supply menu
contracts for countries
contracts price
Contracts to Enterprises.
Control your war!
Corp and Country Costs
Corp Offers
corp stock months
Corp Upgrades
Corporate and Government Salaries
Corporate communications
corporate contracts
Corporate Information Poll Of Excellence
Corporate Stock Levels
Corporation automation procedure
corporation contracts
Corporation Conversions
Corporation Data Display
Corporation Debt
Corporation IPO Icons.
Corporation lack of workers
Corporation Limits
Corporation list
Corporation Management Facilitation
Corporation Product Embargo
Corporation production
Corporation Public Offering
Corporation Raw Material Usage Report
Corporation Salaries
Corporation selling stock to Enterprise
Corporation Sort By CEO
Corporation Tax
Corporation Trading Strategies
Corporation Value Update
Corporations bought, closed and moved3rd times
Corporations bought, closed or moved and Enterprise Tax
corporations in the country
Corporations Profit Graph
Corporations Supplies
Corporations to buy from your own first
Corporations to Enterprise contracts
Corps Controlled Via Shared to be IDd.
Corps in war declared countries.
Corps strategies and management

How to Play Simcountry