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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Closing State/National Corporations Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

A president should have the ability to close/disolve any State/National owned Corparation whenver he feels it is doing poorly.
I have a Corp, that I "inherited" that is losing money "everyday"!! I can't get "employees"(for some reason) and this company has lost over 15B since I got the country.
I should be able to "shut it down" and save money.

44 gamers voted for the proposal.
11 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

You are able of course to close corporations now. The limitation is in the numbers of corporations that can be closed per game month and their market value.
This was done to prevent a new player (frequently a player starting a second account) from taking a free country, closing all corporations and then abandon the account and start a new account, continuing the destruction.

We will remove the market value limitation for full members. They will be able to close even corporations with a very high market value.

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