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bullet Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
Beginners Info
What is Simcountry?

Simcountry Poll Results - Voting for new features in Simcountry

Many players are contributing their ideas to the voting system in Simcountry and allow players to vote for or against their proposals. There are many ideas that were contributed in the past months and years. This is a great way to convey opinions to us and make your point with support of many others who join in voting for it.

Interest Rate
Interest Rates continued from below
interest rates on loans
Interface Changes
International Atomic Energy Bill
International Contracts
International Olympic Games Expanded
International Politics
Interplanetary Missiles
IntraEmpire Workers Exchange
Introduce Pollution
Introducing natural resources for countries and regions.
Introduction to the spy circuit.
Investment Fund Dividend
Investment fund improvements
investment fund limit
IPO offering
IPO Retraction
Issuing new shares:
It should be easier to spot companies you are allowed to purchase
Item Finder on Trading Screen
January 19, 2009
January 22, 2007
January 25, 2006
January 8, 2007
January 8, 2008
January 9, 2006
July 10, 2007
July 17, 2006
July 2, 2008
July 3, 2008
July 9, 2008
June 12, 2007
June 21, 2006
June 21, 2007
June 27, 2007
June 29, 2006
June 6, 2007
Just implement approved isues NOW.
Keep GR the veteran world
Kill Off Abandoned Common Market Federations
Labor Chart
Land and borders
larger loans
Latest Interest Rates
law enforcement
Leader of all!
Lengthen time until wars automatically end
let full members purchase strategic devices!
Lets build embassies
Lets fix the stuff that is broken.
Lets have our own currencies
LEVEL Retroactive
level 4 requirements
Level Requirements
Level Statistics
Leveling should be eaiser
Levels and Gov Cost
Levels for New Corporation
Levels unfair
Liberating C3s
Lifting Limits
Limit corporations built by noobs
Limit the range of def miss batteries
Limits on Private Corporations
Linking Welfare to Production
List of Corporations Page
List of countries
List of Countries by Tax Rate and Unemployment
List the price the goods were sold at
Listing of Winning Bids
Lists a change
Live Chat for Guests
loan feature
Loan Interest Rates
Loan intrest Rate change Payback
Loan Market
Loan Persentage Caps
Loan System
Loan System Adition
Loaning to Specific People
loans cause of debt
Loans should be more realistic!!!
Loans to Countries
Local and Common Market Contracts
local market
Local Market including Empire
Local Market Trading
Log of Events
Logical tagsgroupings for corporations.
Long Range Military Transport Airplane
longer history graphs
Lose the caps on rehabs.
low, medium, and high level workers
Lower poll frequency
Lowering cash in country held corps
lowering Unemployment
Madical Materials
make a lot of more countries
Make a player committee
Make commands easier.
Make dividend per share information available on stock market?
Make IPOs easier
Make it easier to close many corps.
Make Nuclear Power needed for countries and corps
Make options by corporations types
Make the Security Council democratic!
Make transportation index about transport
Make Wars more Realistic
make your own country
Making a corporation
making a profit in your country
Making are own Vehicles and Weapons!
making atomic bombs
Making Common Markets useful
Making It Simple.
Making Levels 810 attainable
making our own vehicels
making theme parks
managing trade strategies
Mandatory minimums for Common Market members
maneaters gladiator combo
ManMade Lakes
Manual Selling of Products
Manual Setting Of Dividends For Public Corps
Manually limit loans
Map of All Countries at War
map of country
Map of Empires
March 12, 2007
March 13, 2009
March 16, 2007
March 17, 2009
March 20, 2007
March 23, 2009
March 26, 2007
March 26, 2009
March 30, 2006
March 31, 2009
March 7, 2007
Market Commitment in CM
Market Elasticity:
market price
Market price on strategic and plutonium corp.
Martial Law
Mass Renaming Corps Direct Sales
Mass Rename of corps corps prefixes
Mass renaming of corps
Massive LLW Conversions
MassPurchase Option
Max exchanges intraempire
May 10, 2006
May 16, 2006
May 16, 2007
May 23, 2007
May 24, 2006
Menu Options
Merging Corporations
Merging countries
Merging neighboring countries within an empire
Message center
Message Forwarding
Message Forwarding for Slaves
Message Pooling
Messages to Ceos w corps in war.
Messaging System
Method to speed up resupply of corporation
Migration effect
Migration of populations between countries
Military Academies
Military Academy
Military and Economic Embargo
Military and Workers
Military base reconstruction time.
Military Bases
military blockades
Military contracts
Military Drafts
Military Force Size and Target
Military Industries Need to Be Balanced
Military item purchases
Military Recommendation
military recruiting
military spending limit proportional to GDP
Military Transport
Military Units
Military Units Should Have Patrol Function
Military Units That We Need!
Military Upgrading...
millitarygoverment upgrades
Min Bid for Population Transfer
Mini Notes on Corps
Minimum Bids on Corporations
missle launch
Mobile Defense
Moderation of automatic salary reductions
Moderation of SimCountry Chat Room
Modify Strategic Corp nation of Creation Search.

How to Play Simcountry