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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Making a corporation Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

When making a corporation and searching for a country to build the corporation in, you need to search for a country. I am making a poll now that only countries that have enough workers to fully staff a corporation of that kind should only be showed.

Yes or No? You decide.

33 gamers voted for the proposal.
17 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

We do intend to improve the selection criteria for countries when you search. There is however a misunderstanding concerning the number of workers that are needed.

There is no need for full availability of workers. Enterprises can set the salaries in their corporations at a higher level and workers from state corporations will move to the new corporation. Specially in C3 countries, it will attract workers from state corporations that may be closed later. C3 countries and other countries too, benefit from the change from state to private corporations.

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