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bullet Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
Beginners Info
What is Simcountry?

Simcountry Poll Results - Voting for new features in Simcountry

Many players are contributing their ideas to the voting system in Simcountry and allow players to vote for or against their proposals. There are many ideas that were contributed in the past months and years. This is a great way to convey opinions to us and make your point with support of many others who join in voting for it.

Unemployment: Easier interpretation
Union of Diplomacy
Unit pictures
universal domination
Unlimited Money
unused products bought
unwanted bid on corps
Unwanted Garrison Units in Peaceful Country
Update the Game Documentation NOW
Updating Military Documentation for Newbies
upgrade on the navy system
Upgrade the Stock Market
uranium and plutonium on world market
Use and show net numbers in workers exchanges and new corps building
use nukes on C3s countries
User Created Editable help
using currency
Value for quality
Value of Supplies in Country
Variable Income Tax
Various types of military epuipment.
Vassal State
Vet Players should have freedom from noobs
video confirmation of building
view attomattically from map
Viewing the wish list
Vocational EducationCareer Training
Vore on Boycotts: Please do not type capital letters
Vote for making agencies in other countries
Vote for Weather
Voting for Clarity Proposition
voting forum
Voting Screen
W3C Countries
WAP Optimized Page.
War and Infrastructure Damage
War Buying Pages
War coordination in Empires
War Hospitals
War in first 42 days
War Is Ridiculous
War Occupation
war protection
War Protection Discounting the price
War Protection: Secured Mode
War Reparations
War Statistics
War Strategy
War with others
War Wounded
Warning to CEOs
Warning to ceos.
Was DSs war against TSPX grossly unfair?
WAY Too Much
we need to increase more population
We Need Spies
We need to have a list of Federations present in the world.
We need Trains
We should be able to buy strategic weapons on the market!!
We should be able to use troops in a battle.
we should command the battles
We should have an assistant to help run the counry!
we should make new departments
we want towns to build
Weapon Changes
weapon ordering
Weapon Stock and Powers of Federation Chairmen.
Weapons and Common Market.
Weapons Interactions Descriptions
weapons lvl: higherstronger
weapons production
weapons purchasing modification
Weapons reactivation
weapons sales
weather conditions in all countries
Weighted Voting
Welcome Message
What happened to the nations Universities?
Who Needs Nukes
Who thinks we should add a better war style
Why should corporations take loans from other countries?
Worker Boosters
worker exchange helper.
Worker exchange market?
Worker Exchange Notice
Worker exchanges between empire countries
Worker Graduation Stats
Worker Level Changes
Worker Trade
workers their professions
Workers for Enterprises
Workers Shortage
World Banking update
World Fallout
World Links
world maps updates
World Market
World Sporting
World trade market
World Trade Page Corporations
world trade prices and choices
World War Map
Wouldnt it be cool to have infantry?
Wouldnt it be nice.....
Yet another automatic loan poll
You should be able to see nukes explode

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