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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Depots are attached to friendly airbases where you land your transport airplanes. These depots have user defined supply levels for all types of weapons and ammunition and can be supplied by air transport units.

Depots and the military units protecting them are important as bridgeheads for the complex process of setting up remote armies.

Depos are also landing places for cargo shuttles that can bring in supplies from any location under your control into the depot. Cargo shuttles can also transport complete mobile units and mobile supply units into the depot, making it possible to build up a large force.

Cargo shuttles can only move fully supplied mobile units. If units are damaged, they cannot be transported. Before such units can be shipped out, and back to your country or to a different location, they must be fully supplied. If such supplies are not available, the mobile units can be dismantled and their weapons, ammunition and other materials, will be placed in the depot.

All the items that are stored in a depot, except for incomplete (damaged) mobile units, can be moved out of the depot by cargo shuttle or by air transport units.

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