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What is Simcountry?
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Space Centers

Space centers are used as a base for the country's shuttles. Cargo shuttles can be launched from space centers carrying products and can land, delivering products that have been traded on any of the space stations.

The space centers are also used to prepare cargo shuttles for launch. Shuttles need a spacecraft maintenance unit for each flight. The SC maintenance units must be available at the place where the cargo shuttle is launched or on the cargo shuttle itself.

Space centers are built by space center building corporations. Space center building corporations are very large and require many high level staff and many raw materials.

Many countries have a space center where they can store products for transport and where cargo shuttles start and finish their missions. Players can move products from the country storage to the space center and back and are free to do so without any limits.

We advise players to build one space center only. With the unlimited storage capacity in such space centers, there is no need for more than one. Space centers represent a high cost when they are built and maintaining them is also costly for the country. Keeping one space center only will reduce cost and is sufficient for all countries.

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