Airlifting Military Units

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What is Simcountry?
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Airlifting Military Units

The air lifting function allows the airlifting of units from an airbase under your control and their transport to any other airport that is either under your control or part of your empire or federation or in a country that has given permission for your forces to land. The target airport must be within a range of 12.000 miles.

Air lifting of a military unit is a major operation that requires the unit to be fully supplied. It requires the availability of Air Transport Units and the materials they need to operate.

Any unit can be transported. It can be a small unit or a very large one. It can be a supply unit or an air force unit.

After choosing a unit for transport, the unit is moved to the closest air port that is under your control, an air transport unit will be moved to that airport, and start flying back and forth, moving several weapons or ammunition or any other materials that are part of the unit in each flight. Once the process is started, it is automatic and will continue to completion or until it is interrupted.

If a unit is large, many flights will be needed and the time it will take to move the unit will depend on the quantity of weapons and materials and on the distance to the destination airport.

Information is available on the status of the transport and you can see what is transported, numbers of flights and the percentage that is already transported.

While a military unit is in transport, it cannot be used on either side. It cannot be moved or changed as along as part of it is transported and part is waiting for transport.

Transporters can be destroyed and if for any reason, a transport is aborted, there will be two incomplete units resulting from it. Both partial units will be considered military units and both will require supplies to be upgraded to their full capacity.

After the move, the unit becomes available at the target airport and remains under control of the country where it belongs. It can be used to support another country in war but it can only attack if there is a war situation between the country where the unit belongs and the country it wishes to attack.

Supplies for these military units must come from the country of origin. Supply units can be air lifted and will operate between a local base or a depot, that will be used to store supplies and ammunition and it will supply the units in the field.

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