Defensive Missile Installations

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What is Simcountry?
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Defensive Missile Installations

To defend your military installations, your cities and corporations, you need to setup garrisons at such locations that are capable of defending such targets. Garrisons are military units that are attached to a city or a corporation etc.

The garrisons should include anti aircraft weapons, and land based weapons and sufficient amounts of ammunition to defend the target. Large numbers of missile interceptor batteries and ammunition as part of the garrisons will limit the damage from attacks and increase the cost in missiles and weapon systems that your enemy will sustain. He will have to destroy many targets in your country and the better these targets are protected, the more difficult it will be.

Large numbers of anti aircraft missiles will increase the numbers of attack airplanes that will be destroyed during attacks. You need large numbers of these weapons, to be part of your garrisons to stop such attacks. The damage you inflict on your enemy will increase with the number of available weapons.

Build up a large stock of missiles. The defense will be using many. We see countries with 100.000 to 200.000 of these missiles in stock.

Defensive missile batteries are also essential for the defense and should be part of the garrisons you set up. These batteries use defensive missiles (that are not really defensive) against the attacking forces. If missile batteries are used to attack your country, defensive missiles will destroy the attacking batteries. Large numbers will inflict high damage on your enemy and will weaken his attack capabilities.

Defensive air wings are also essential in the defense of your country. Such defensive wings include large numbers of interceptors and defense helicopters and will go into action to intercept air attacks (interceptors) and attacks against your land units (defensive Helicopters).

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