Training of the Defensive Army

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What is Simcountry?
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Training of the Defensive Army

As was announced before, and in preparation for the new war engine, the army introduced a training program for all defensive weapons, both active (at a high level) and non-active, (at much lower levels).

The training results in the use of ammunition in peacetime for the training of the defensive army. Most defensive weapons, including missile batteries, helicopters, interceptors etc. are now using some ammunition on monthly bases.

The cost of maintaining the army did however remain unchanged. The cost of the ammunition is added but on the other hand, the cost of other materials and services is reduced. The total cost is largely unchanged.

This means that the army must have a steady supply of ammunition to be able to train its forces. Countries may start showing shortages of ammunition and will start placing orders on the market to re-supply with the ammunition they needs.

This change is now active for defensive weapons only. It will be extended, gradually to all the weapons, excluding the strategic weapons.

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