The defense of C3 countries

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The defense of C3 countries

All targets in C3 countries are defended by garrisons that are supported by two defense wings. Land forces are stationed at all important targets in the country, using the "Tiny Garrison" at each target except for the capital city where the "small garrison" is used.

Each game month, the two defense wings and all garrisons are repaired and continue the defense. The attacker has about 4 hours on LU, between defense repairs. This is 6 hours on KB and 8 hours on all other worlds.

Destroyed fortifications are replaced at a slow pace of about 3 or 4 each game month and corporations may be built if some are destroyed and many workers are unemployed.

The time between repair rounds is very long, compared with the time it takes to conquer a C3 country. C3s do not use supply units that could have been much faster in re-supplying the damaged and used materials.

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