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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The Simcountry Space program

The development of the Simcountry shuttle program is nearly completed and the features will be released in May.

This is an overview the new products that will be introduced into the game.

Space Centers

Space centers are used as a base for the country's shuttles. Cargo shuttles can be launched from space centers carrying products and can land, delivering products that have been traded on any of the space stations.

The space center can store products that are intended to be loaded on shuttles and for products that are unloaded from shuttles. Products can be moved directly from the country storage to the space center and back.

The space centers are also used to prepare cargo shuttles for launch. Shuttles need fuel (solid missile fuel), boosters and a maintenance package every time they land at a space center.

The space center must have these products in stock or otherwise, cargo shuttles will not be able to launch for new missions.

Space centers are built by a new type of corporation. Once space centers are produced, they can be purchased and are ready for use.

Space center building corporations are very large and require many high level staff and many raw materials. Large amounts of money are involved in stocking up such corporations with the products they need in the production process and they require a large injection of capital to be able to purchase these products.

When setting up such corporations, a large amount of game money will be moved from the country to the corporation to allow the corporation to start its operations.

The new corporations will be added to Simcountry on April 27.

Cargo Shuttles

Cargo shuttles are the vehicle that is used to move products between countries and space stations. Cargo shuttles are very large and can transport up to 100.000 cargo units each time they launch.

Each product in Simcountry has a number of space units attached to it. Most food and agricultural products use 1 space unit per ton.

Larger products including weapons, ammunition and industrial products use 10 to 1000 units per product, some are even much larger.

Cargo shuttles launch from space centers and their destination can be either one of the space stations or a country in a different world.

The production of cargo shuttles is reserved to countries playing game level 6 or higher. The corporations that produce cargo shuttles are by far the biggest in the game. Cargo shuttles are only traded on one single space station (Libra), and they are offered on the market for a price quoted in gold coins.

Cargo shuttles are assembled by use of several space industry products. Some of these products are new in Simcountry: Shuttle fuselage
Shuttle Extensions
Shuttle Engines
Shuttle Boosters (these must be replaced each time the shuttle is at a space center)
Shuttle components and sever other existing products.

More New Products in the Space Industry Group

Several new products are added to Simcountry in a new Space Industry product group. These products are mainly used in the production of Cargo Shuttles.

Each Cargo Shuttle includes one Shuttle Fuselage that is the main part of the shuttle and includes its control center. The main part of the shuttles is assembled out of 20 shuttle extensions that make the cargo shuttle into a giant space craft that can move large amounts of cargo, at high speed over large distances.

The shuttle is powered by a set of 10 shuttle engines that allow for maneuvering the shuttle in space and maintain its speed for long distances. All travel between space stations and between space stations and land bases is powered by the shuttle engines.

Liftoff power comes from 20 shuttle boosters that are fired once at launch and provide the power for the shuttle to liftoff and escape gravitation in the first stage of the travel after the launch. When the boosters finish their task, they are ejected from the shuttle and cannot be reused.

When a shuttle lands at a space center anywhere in our system, it must be equipped with a new set of 20 boosters to allow for the next launch.

All the space program products use large numbers of shuttle components. These components are produced by shuttle components corporations and can be traded on the international market or on the space industry components market on the Libra space station.

The last product type in this phase, in the space industry group is the shuttle maintenance unit.

This product is used when a cargo shuttle is resupplied at a space center. The shuttle must be fitted with 20 new shuttle boosters, it is maintained by use of 1 shuttle maintenance unit and it is loaded with 30.000 units of solid missile fuel.

The shuttle maintenance unit, shuttle boosters and solid missile fuel units must be available in the country where the shuttle landed. If the products are not available, the shuttle will not be able to prepare for a new mission and will remain stranded.

The corporations that produce the space industry products are all very large and require a large workforce of highly educated professionals. Only countries in game level 5 and 6 can produce these products and these corporations, especially when their quality is upgraded, are extremely profitable.

All the products in the Space Industry Group will be added to Simcountry on April 27. The products can be produced and stored. They can be sold on the market (with the exception of Cargo Shuttles that are only traded on the Libra space station.

Once the entire space program becomes operational, shuttle missions will start and all these products will also be traded on the Libra space station. A limited number of products will be added initially, to bootstrap the space industry. These initial interventions will stop when players start their own corporations and some trading of the products becomes visible on the markets.

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