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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Corporations in Simcountry are essential to the economy of all countries. Each country has initially between 8 and 15 corporation.

There are several types of corporations.
There are state corporations that are owned by the country itself and national corporations that are also state corporations but are considered essential to the country and cannot ever be taken over by a private investor.

There are private corporations that are owned by an Enterprise and reside in a country and also public corporations that are owned by many shareholders who own shares in the corporation. The shares of such corporations are traded on the stock market. The shareholder, who owns the largest number of shares, is considered to be the CEO of the corporation and is in control of the corporation.

There are several types of public corporations. In some of the public corporations, the country where they reside is the largest shareholder. We call these corporations "Country controlled" public corporations. In some of the public corporations, an enterprise is the largest shareholder. We call these corporations "Enterprise controlled" public corporations.

We also look differently at public corporations where the largest shareholder has less than 25% of the shares. These are "truly" public corporations and they can become even more valuable than any other corporation type in Simcountry.

Corporations employ many workers and their success is essential for your success in the game. Corporations are successful if they produce and sell large quantities of the products they produce. They must run at full capacity or close to full capacity and sell everything they produce.

Full production can be achieved if the corporations sell their product in a competitive way on the market or close direct trading agreements with other corporations and countries.

Corporations can be very profitable if handled correctly and will pay taxes to the government, which will in turn enable it to pay for whatever it wants to achieve. Failing to manage the corporations may lead to large losses and to bankruptcy and closure of the corporations.

Corporations are meant to be very large and they produce a single product or a group of products. Examples: Corn, meat (any kind of meat), Meat products (any kind of processed meat products), Services, High tech services or military services. There are more than 200 different products, each with its own production process and raw materials that are needed in the production process.

Simcountry is running 3000 to 6400 countries in each world. Having 10.000 or 100.000 corporations in each country, would make it impossible to process the huge number of transactions and impossible for any player to manage such numbers. With the current number of corporations per country we are already running 50.000 to 120.000 corporations in each world.

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