Long Range Radar Planes

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What is Simcountry?
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Long Range Radar Planes

Long-range radar planes are needed for the army to be able to launch effective attacks. Without these airplanes, it is impossible to see where your enemy's defenses are, what is in his military bases and where his navies are.
Three long-range Radar Planes are needed to locate enemy's fleets. Navies can be built by any country in the world (with or without a coast) and deployed anywhere on the world's seas. The navy is organized in fleets that can operate separately in different locations.

Using the navies results in wars that were not possible without it and there is a need to be able to locate fleets around the world and preferably with the capability to attack and destroy them. The possibility to launch sneak attacks makes these fleets even more dangerous.

Long Range Radar Planes are needed for the detection of these fleets. THREE such Radar planes are needed in your country to have the ability to see your enemy's fleets and find out whether they are within a striking range.

Usage Long Range Radar Planes
Base   Offensive Military Airport
Deployment   Airports
Crew   80 officers and 155 soldiers
Ammunition   -
Range   Up to 10000 miles
Use per action   -
Can be destroyed by   Interceptors, Navy Interceptors, Off Anti Aircraft Missile Batteries, Stealth Bombers, Fighter Planes and Navy Fighter Planes
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