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Corporations - Production levels

Corporations try to produce at full capacity unless explicitly required to reduce production by their owner. There are however, several reasons that can make a corporation reduce or stop production.

When products remain unsold, and the automatic process drives the production in the corporation, it will reduce production and wait for the products to be sold. It will also fire some workers to reduce cost.

When a corporation does not find enough workers, it will hire what it can and adjust production to the hiring levels.

When some raw materials or services are not available, the corporation may stop production altogether. If you have no oil, you cannot produce gasoline. All corporations depend on raw materials and services and their production process will fail when it is short on any of these raw materials.

A corporation will increase its production levels if the welfare of its workers is considered high. This is the case when the country has a good social security system, employment is high and the salary levels are good. The salary level in the corporations is the most important factor. Corporations' output in standard conditions and full availability of raw materials is considered to be at a level of 100. With a very high welfare index, the level may increase to 105, 110 or even up to 130.

All the details and data on each corporation are available in the corporation's pages with many detail pages on each and every aspect of each corporation.

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