Defensive Missile Batteries

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Defensive Missile Batteries

Defensive Missiles Batteries are defensive installations that are intended for protection of targets or military units and garrisons in your country against attacks by both missiles and land forces.

When a target in your country is attacked, the garrison that is deployed to that target will respond and all weapons in that garrison that are effective against the attacking weapons will be used.

Defensive Missiles batteries are effective against missile batteries that are used in an attack. If your enemy is using Medium range missiles or cruise missiles against a target that is defended by defensive Missile Batteries, these batteries will fire against the attacking weapons and try to destroy them. The result may be that the target you try to defend is damaged or destroyed by a cruise or other missile. At the same time, the defensive missiles may destroy some of the cruise missile batteries.

The defending forces do not need to be operated manually. The power of the defensive action depends on how many defensive batteries are part of the unit or garrison at the target, the force of the attack and the availability of defensive missiles that need to be used for the defense. It also depends on the quality of the attacking weapons compared to the quality of the garrison and its weapons and ammunition.

Each defensive missile battery will shoot up to 6 missiles as a response to each attack round. If 50 are available as part of the garrison or unit that is defending itself, they will use up to 300 missiles (these must be available as part of the unit or Garrison) and these missiles can inflict a serious damage on the attacker.

Your enemy will try to attack these missile batteries and destroy them to prevent them from damaging his forces. He might attack these missile batteries using for example: Bombers and Attack helicopters which are immune to defensive missiles. The defending unit or garrison must be set up in a way that will prevent such attack and it should include weapons that will be effective against air attacks.

Defensive missiles are also effective against Navy targets, and against land forces. Using them against land forces is considered overkill and should be done if no other alternative is available. It represents a very high cost of defense and should be used carefully.

Usage Defensive Missile Batteries
Base   Defensive Military Base
Deployment   All land locations
Crew   2 officers and 4 soldiers
Ammunition   Defensive Missiles
Range   Up to 2500 miles
Use per action   6 missiles per battery
Off Anti Aircraft Missile Batteries hit rate: 20% damage: 100%
Anti Tank Missile Batteries hit rate: 50% damage: 100%
Mid Range Missile Batteries hit rate: 16% damage: 100%
Land To Sea Missile Batteries hit rate: 16% damage: 100%
Heavy Armored Vehicles hit rate: 50% damage: 100%
Heavy Artillery hit rate: 50% damage: 100%
Heavy Jeeps hit rate: 50% damage: 100%
Heavy Tanks hit rate: 50% damage: 100%
Conventional Missile Batteries hit rate: 3% damage: 50%
Land Based Cruise Batteries hit rate: 12% damage: 50%
Cruise Missiles Ships hit rate: 20% damage: 2%
Guided Missiles Frigates hit rate: 20% damage: 2%
Attack Destroyers hit rate: 20% damage: 2%
Rapid Deployment Units hit rate: 30% damage: 12%
Can be destroyed by   Mid Range Missile Batteries, Guided Missiles Frigates, Attack Helicopters, Navy Helicopters, Precision Bombers, Stealth Bombers, Navy Fighter Planes, Attack Drones, Rapid Deployment Units, Heavy Armored Vehicles, Heavy Artillery, Heavy Jeeps, Heavy Tanks, Conventional Missile Batteries, Land Based Cruise Batteries and Cruise Missiles Ships
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