Chemical Missiles Batteries

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What is Simcountry?
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Chemical Missiles Batteries

Chemical Missiles can deliver a chemical payload to a long-range target and cause heavy destruction.

Chemical missiles and batteries are purchased at a high cost but are much cheaper than nuclear missiles and batteries. They can destroy a variety of targets. They are effective against large fixed targets like military bases and airports, the capital and large cities.

Chemical weapons, if used at all, are effective, like nuclear weapons, in forcing defeat on a country that is already militarily weak.

Usage Chemical Missile Batteries
Base   Strategic Airport
Deployment   All land locations
Crew   350 officers and 700 soldiers
Ammunition   Chemical Missiles
Range   Up to 10000 miles
Use per action   1 missiles per battery
Conventional Missile Batteries hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Defensive Military Airports hit rate: 100% damage: 50%
Defensive Military Bases hit rate: 100% damage: 50%
Offensive Military Airports hit rate: 100% damage: 50%
Offensive Military Bases hit rate: 100% damage: 50%
Strategic Airports hit rate: 100% damage: 40%
Strategic Military Bases hit rate: 100% damage: 40%
Capital  hit rate: 100% damage: 5%
Cities  hit rate: 100% damage: 10%
Can be destroyed by   Nuclear Defense Batteries, Helicopters, Stealth Bombers, Conventional Missile Batteries, Land Based Cruise Batteries and Cruise Missiles Ships
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