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What is Simcountry?
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Military Units

The army in Simcountry largely consists of military units of various types. Military units include weapons and their crews, ammunitions and various material and trucks that are needed for the unit to operate.

Military units execute most war actions. Depending on their types, they can move, attack, defend and must be supplied to replace used ammunition, destroyed weapons and crews and they must be supplied with all the materials that have been used during operations.

Military units can be small or large and they include several types of weapons that are grouped together with the ammunition and supplies that are needed for the unit to operate.

There are several types of standard military units. Players can change the existing models of military units and create their own versions. They can name the units, select the weapon types and ammunition they want to include in the units, and they can decide on the quantities of military supplies, gasoline and amounts of ammunition they want to include.

Depending on the quantities of supplies and ammunition, the units will also include many trucks to carry the supplies and ammunition and these trucks will move with the military units.

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