Creating your own military units

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Creating your own military units

You can create military units and organize your army in divisions, battalions and brigades. There are special-forces, air-landing forces etc. The choice of weapons depends on the purpose of the units. Trucks or transport airplanes will be needed to move them around.

Some units (garrisons) are used for the defense of cities, factories and other assets others are used, as part of military units, to invade enemy territory. Some types of units can be used to invade remote countries by dropping such units into enemy areas, building bridgeheads and preparing for the landing of reinforcements.

The creation process of military units has several steps. It allows for the choice of weapons, ammunition and automatically adjusts the recommended quantities of gasoline and supplies that are needed and the number of trucks. During the process, it is possible to change quantities and include more or less supplies depending on your own strategy.

Units can only be created if everything you need for them is available. If any of the components (weapons, ammo etc.) is not available, the unit should be made smaller or the setup can be delayed until the missing components are available.

Ammunition must be available as part of the unit along with other materials. If ammunition is used up, the unit will not function and must receive supplies before it can participate in war action again.

Supply units can also be created and they move between military bases (or storage locations) to where the units are stationed and deliver the supplies and ammunition. These units include mainly loaded trucks and hopefully some defense to protect them on their way. Logistics is a major issue in all wars.

Supply units, if available with all needed materials, will always try to restore military units to their original size and supply quantities. This process is automatic but depends entirely on the availability of supply units and all the weapons, ammunition and all other materials that are needed to resupply any type of unit that might need them.

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