Military transport airplanes and Military Units

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What is Simcountry?
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Military transport airplanes and Military Units

The same principle applies for the air borne units. The capacity of a military transport airplane is larger than the capacity of a truck and smaller numbers will be needed to transport the supplies, but in case of airborne units, they also need to transport the weapons and some trucks!

The Military transport airplanes will however return to base immediately after delivering their cargo and will not be assigned to any unit. The numbers of transport airplanes must be sufficient to transport a unit quickly. If the available numbers are too small, the transport will not take place or will take longer to complete with increased danger for unsupplied units in the field.

Military units cannot be partially moved. The transport procedure will show how many transport airplanes are needed to move the unit. The max number of missions per airplane depends on the distance to the target. If the target is close, each airplane may run up to 3 transport missions to move the unit. If the target is further away, the number may be reduced to two or only one mission for far away landings.

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