Bankrupt countries in empires

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Bankrupt countries in empires

Some empires have countries that are in huge debt and in fact bankrupt. The rich countries in the empire should fix this situation or let these countries leave the empire. Moving assets from poor countries to the rich ones creates a false picture of wealth in some countries while the empire should be responsible for each country it conquers.

Bankrupted countries will be removed form empires that do not take care of their economies. Removal will be based on low assets. If assets are tens of trillions in the red, the country will be removed from the empire and will be terminated. The empire leader will inherit the entire debt of countries that are being removed.

This is an important reason to try and pay back the debt of all the countries in the empire. A removal causes the debt to be inherited by the leader country in the empire and can cause that country to bankrupt shortly after it inherits the debt. The new leader of the empire will then inherit the debt and may bankrupt soon after. This can end in the bankruptcy of the entire empire. The last country is allowed to have a larger debt and may remain in the game.

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