Intelligence gathering missions by Radar planes

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Intelligence gathering missions by Radar planes

The reconnaissance function makes the collection of information about enemy forces and their defenses, subject to intelligence missions over the target by long-range radar planes.

When war is in progress, it is important to identify targets on enemy territory and look into all the details of their defense.

When you look into the offensive military airports, you would like to see how many weapons of each type are stationed there. The same applies to all other targets like bases, fortifications, factories and cities.

Collecting such information requires flights by long-range radar planes over the target and such flights, if successful, will deliver the information. When you try to view the details of a target, you will be asked to setup a mission by radar planes and specify how many will participate.

The mission will then take place and some radar planes may be damaged or destroyed. In most cases, all will return but may be partially damaged.

If only one radar airplane is involved, and it is partially damaged, the flight will be aborted and no data will be presented.

If the radar plane returns undamaged, or multiple radar planes are involved (with an increased risk of damage or loss), the data will be shown.

These flights should only take place only if the information is essential to the war effort.

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