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What is Simcountry?
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Defensive fortifications

Defensive fortifications should be positioned mainly along the borders of the country or as a defense of specific targets. The fortifications are targets that must be destroyed by an enemy if he wants to win a war.
Each fortification represents 0.5 war index points and these points are considered lost if the country does not have these fortifications. If your country has only 20 fortifications, the war index will never exceed 60.

The more fortifications there are, the more complex the war becomes for your enemy. It takes time to mount attacks and with many fortifications, attacks may take a long time to complete which gives the defense more time to reorganize, purchase weapons from friends, or bring in mobile units and rethink strategy.

Deployment of garrisons to defend fortifications is effective as these units, when stationed in the fortification are more effective than near cities and factories. If the defensive army is large enough, 100 well-protected fortifications form a major obstacle. The maximum number of fortifications a country can have is 100.

A new war feature will allow military units to participate in the defense of any target, if the unit is located within range of the attacker. It means that placing military units that have defensive qualities, in the vicinity of a fortification will enhance its defenses and will make it even harder to destroy. The attacker will pay a higher price in terms of military losses.

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