Defending your country against Nuclear Submarines

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What is Simcountry?
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Defending your country against Nuclear Submarines

Nuclear submarines carry nuclear missiles that are as powerful as the best land based strategic weapons. They can destroy the capital or any other target it attacks. Any target that is hit by a nuclear submarine missile will be completely destroyed.

Defense against these missiles is possible with nuclear missile interceptors. One nuclear missile interceptor battery stationed at the capital, with some nuclear defense missiles in stock, will provide full protection, using one nuclear defense missile each time an attack is launched. If such weapons are not stationed at the target, any attack by a nuclear submarine will be devastating.

Defense against the submarines themselves is possible using frigates with torpedoes. For effective attacks, several frigates should fire simultaneously to increase the hit chance and resulting destruction. The defense by frigates is however limited because they only attack if the submarine attacks a target where they are stationed. Defensive weapons react to attacks; they never initiate any.

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