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War College and Battleground Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

This suggestion is to add two features to enhance and offer incentive to war game players. Implementation of these features will allow players to voluntarily choose to leave the war level system and participate in a community of nations more indicative of a multi-player game experience. Battlegrounds offers a PvP game experience where players have the ability to compete on neutral ground. The addition of these features does not affect players who intend to continue to play a more peaceful economic game experience. Details of these addition can be found on the suggestions forum under "War College - Aries" and "Battlegrounds (revised) - Aries). https://www.simcountry.com/discus/messages/8/25043.html?1453899584 https://www.simcountry.com/discus/messages/8/25045.html?1439461174 Vote "Yes" if you are interested in having these war game options added to the game. Questions or comments on these features are welcome on their suggestions forum threads. thank you!

11 gamers voted for the proposal.
1 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

There are good ideas here and we believe that we should indeed move to make PvP wars more attractive and reduce the fear of total devastation.

I do not think we can implement it as is and I also think that there are many complexities added here that will make it hard to implement.

I do want to use it and make steps that will improve the war game and move it towards our aim.
The war College is a way to teach players how to play the war game. War levels intend to do the same but obviously you think they do not. We can talk about the specifics on the forum.

As to the battle ground idea, this too is trying to create a practical way to fight a war, separating some assets from the main assets you want to secure.
Creating a list of countries that are seeking PvP wars with incentives for winners is a good idea. These countries cannot setup war protection, will have time to recover between wars.
Also here, Not too many additional conditions that will prevent implementation.

I will copy this to the forum to continue the discussion.
In the mean time, we have developed a plan to improve the war game and will start to implement it ASAP.

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