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What is Simcountry?
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gc cash market system change Status: DONE

Detailed Description:

The Problem: there is no point in having an auction system when people are just going to wait until the auction is about to end to bid 1 dollar over the min requested bid or over the current highest bidder its just a waste of time. instead of auctioning off lots of gc at the sellers choice size and min price and having to mentally calculate what you are paying per gc and waiting a 24 hr auction period i got another idea. The Solution: allow for players selling gc to list as many gc as they want to at a price per capita gc. thus i can list 100 gc at 500B each in one click and it goes up as such. then whenever people browse the market they can see all the gc on a cost per capita basis and bid accordingly in whatever increments they want be it 1... 20... or 100 gc. if 10 people listed gc at 500b each you could just sell it in order of who listed first or continue to keep names attached to gc so as to avoid trading with enemies or watever but obviously the cheaper gc is going to go first...this new proposed system does away with auctioning and will allow for instant transactions to occur to speed it all up. and allow for people to list the gc indefinitely with rights to pull it back at their own behest without penalty to re list. and make gc exchanges much faster and simpler for everyone. Vote Yes to do away with the current auction system and instead opt out for a buy now system with per capita pricing. Vote No to keep the current lot 24/hr auction system for gc cash market trading.

20 gamers voted for the proposal.
8 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

We have implemented direct trading for the exchange of money and gold coins.

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