Better ways to trade within our own entities

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Better ways to trade within our own entities Status: Will be added

Detailed Description:

We need a better system of trading within our own countries corporations and between our own countries and our own enterprises. We need to know how much of a specific product each of the corporation uses ON the trading page. It should be that if Im playing one of my Enterprises and want to put together a contract with one of my own countries corporations, I should be able to choose a page that lists all of the corporations in my country, and that lists all of the corporations that use the specific product that my enterprises corporation makes, and how much they consume. Then we should be able to go down the rows filling in how much we want to create a contract for each of the corporation so that we don't have to do this tedious look up of exiting the enterprise account, entering the country account, looking up how much of a product one of our countries corporation uses, then logging back into our enterprises corporation and making a contract. It's far more tedious and difficult then it needs to be. There should also be this same method for trading between our own countries corporations instead of having to have 2 browser windows open and constantly going back and forth between the two browsers to get the information we require.

65 gamers voted for the proposal.
10 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

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