Nuclear Submarine Missiles

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What is Simcountry?
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Nuclear Submarine Missiles

The missiles are nuclear devices that are used as ammunition for Nuclear Submarines. These are dangerous weapons that are produced in small numbers and have a high price.

Corporations that are producing Nuclear Submarine Missiles can be built on the Fearless Blue world only. No corporations producing these missiles can be built on the other four worlds.

The missiles can be traded in contracts on all worlds. Missiles produced on FB can be transported to the other worlds and traded there. Trading is also possible on the Carina Space station.

Corporation Details
Product GroupStrategic
Required Game Level3
Initial Investment3B SC$
Output at 100% Production0.95 missiles per month
Raw Materials needed for Full Production
ProductMonthly Use
@format(3750,FMTintegerSTRING)@ tons
Ammunition Components
@format(7500,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
@format(50000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ tons
@format(75000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ systems
Electric Power
@format(750,FMTintegerSTRING)@ million kwhs
Electronic Components
@format(75000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
Factory Maintenance
@format(80,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
High Tech Services
@format(75000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
Industrial Equipment
@format(100000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
@format(9,FMTintegerSTRING)@ kilograms
@format(75000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
Solid Missile Fuel
@format(10000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
Workers needed per Corporation
ProfessionWorkers Needed
when not upgraded
+/- needed per
Efficiency Upgrade
Base Salary  
Low Level Workers@format(84000,FMTintegerSTRING)@@strip(format(-200,FMTintegerSTRING))@
Medium Level Workers@format(80000,FMTintegerSTRING)@@strip(format(-120,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Level Workers@format(40000,FMTintegerSTRING)@@strip(format(0,FMTintegerSTRING))@
Low Level Managers@format(7000,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(30,FMTintegerSTRING))@
Medium Level Managers@format(5300,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(27,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Level Managers@format(2400,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(22,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Tech Engineers@format(68000,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(32,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Tech Seniors@format(13600,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(15,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Tech Executives@format(1400,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(3,FMTintegerSTRING))@
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