Minimum Trading quantities on Space Stations

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What is Simcountry?
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Minimum Trading quantities on Space Stations

When offering products for sale on a space station, there is a minimum quantity of product that must be offered per transaction. The quantity depends on the product and varies from 1 to 5.000.000.
When offering a large missile or a nuclear weapon, the quantity might be 5 but when a low cost product is offered, the quantity might be up to 5.000.000.

Most transactions will represent 100.000 units of space which is the full load of a cargo shuttle. Example: when offering shuttle boosters which occupy 1000 units each on a cargo shuttle, the quantity per transaction is 100. This is a total of 100.000 units which will fill an entire cargo shuttle and occupy about 10% of the space in a docking station.

Some products, like chemicals, and food products are traded in larger quantities (5.000.000 units). We do not expect many such transactions as the cost of transportation of these lower value products may make such transactions unattractive.

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