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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Trading shares

Trading takes place nearly all the time. Most times, the trading stops 5 minutes before the hour and starts again 5 minutes later. The process is running as long as there are requests for buying and selling. When none are found, processing may stop for a minute and will resume to look for new requests.

Whenever the trading system finds a buyer and a seller that can be matched, it will execute a transaction. During the transaction, the seller will deliver the shares and receive a payment. The payment will be equal to the number of shares involved multiplied by the price per share. The buyer will receive the shares and pay the money to the seller.

Trading may be immediate if the trading system can find a match. If it does not find both a seller and a buyer, no transaction will be executed and the shares, offered or requested, will not be traded. The requests will stay in queue and wait for a match.

Request for buying or for selling shares, will be queued for up to 4 game months. If they are not executed within this period, they will automatically be retracted and removed from the queue.

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