Mobile Conventional Missiles Units ? Not Available Yet

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What is Simcountry?
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Mobile Conventional Missiles Units ? Not Available Yet

Mobile Conventional missile units have a small size and include 50 conventional missile batteries. The fighting quality of the unit can reach a level of 600. Weapon quality can reach the same levels. The unit is manned by 10500 military personnel including 7000 professional soldiers and 3500 professional officers. These numbers will decline.

Mobile Conventional Missile Units will be upgraded in the near future into auto response units that will auto response to attacks and destroy target in the attacking country.

The units will be able to response in this way to any attacks on targets that are within a short range from the place the units are stationed. The mobile conventional missile units will become an important deterrent weapon that can help countries prevent their destruction.

Mobile conventional missile units carry more supplies than standard units and can be supplied by any supply units. The units are supplied with standard weapons and ammunition in the same way other units are being supplied.

Lost soldiers and officers who have died in fighting must be replaced by professional soldiers and officers. If these are not available, the units will not be resupplied, in the same way that regular army units cannot be resupplied if the country does not have the required weapons, ammunition and other supplies that are needed for the unit.
Mobile conventional missile units can be loaded onto cargo shuttles. An entire unit can be loaded on a cargo shuttle and it can be moved either to a space center in a different country where the cargo shuttle can land or to the Crucis space station where it can be stored in a cargo bay that can store up to ten such units.

Mobile conventional missile units include the following weapons:

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