Trucks and Military Units

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What is Simcountry?
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Trucks and Military Units

Trucks were already mentioned as part of military units.

When setting up land based military units, ammunition, gasoline and military supplies are included as part of the unit. Trucks are needed to transport these supplies.

The number of trucks is computed automatically when you set up the military unit.

The number of ammunition pieces that fit on each truck is known and depends of the type of ammunition. An anti aircraft missile is much bigger than a tank grenade and smaller numbers will fit on a truck.

We also know the average use of gasoline by each weapon that is part of the military unit and we know how much gasoline can be carried on a truck.

The same goes for military supplies. We know how many soldiers and officers are involved in a military unit and they need one military supply package per person per game month.

Trucks have the capacity to carry 1.500 military supply packages so the number of trucks can be computed.

Trucks are assigned to the military units. Sometimes it will be better to create the units with smaller quantities of supplies to minimize the number of trucks that are stuck with these units and create separate supply units that go back and forth to deliver supplies and reuse the trucks to supply many units.

When military units and supply units are damaged and weapons are destroyed, some of the trucks will be destroyed too.

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