What will be the effect of this change in the Population?

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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What will be the effect of this change in the Population?

Initially, nothing will change as fluctuations in the number of the population depend on the current numbers in all age groups and these are unchanged from before. Declines in very populous countries will continue for some time.

As in the previous setup, the natural growth of population will stop at a similar level, but numbers will gradually, stop their decline.

The change is only in the 0-4 year old group and it will take time before it starts to influence numbers in other age groups.

Numbers will continue to decline as a result of bad health care, war, emigration and the sale of population.

Purchasing population will result in an increase of the population and will not be followed by a decline. Following a purchase of population, we do expect some fluctuations and even some declines but at the end, numbers will stabilize and remain at a higher level.

This means, that when this change is in full effect, population purchases will allow countries to grow their population to higher levels without declines.

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