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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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War Levels

After fighting 4 wars against C3 countries at your current war level, your war level will auto increase.
Increasing war levels win you gold coins on all the five worlds but the number of gold coins is higher on the Fearless Blue world.

When starting a war against a C3 country, you can now choose between multiple options. You can start a war at a higher war level. Winning such a war will move you to the next war level.
You can start a war against a C3 country at the same war level you are. Such a war will win you the resources in the country and will move you to the next war level only after you win 4 such wars.

A new option, allows you to start a war against a C3 country at war level 3. The war may win you the country but there are no money rewards. The feature is added on request of some players for strategic reasons, trying to win a country closer to an area where they intend to fight a different war.

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