Weapons and Army Units in Computer Controlled Countries

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What is Simcountry?
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Weapons and Army Units in Computer Controlled Countries

All Computer Controlled Countries have an army that is used if the country is attacked.

The army in C3 countries will shortly change. The army will include: Defensive weapons that are deployed to the main cities and corporations, Air force wings that will be used in the defense and several offensive army units that will not used to defend the country but form the base of the offensive army if the country is taken by a new president.

The defensive weapons include around 2000 Missile Interceptor Batteries, and about the same number of Defensive Missile batteries and Anti Aircraft Batteries. The defensive forces also include around 250 Light Tanks and 3 defensive radar planes.

Weapons might be damaged during a war and new weapons are acquired over time to bring the army weaponry to its original level. Purchases are at quantities of about 80 each game month. It means that if losses are much larger, the defense of the C3 country will not be able to recover quickly from destruction of its military assets.

The defensive air force will have three "Air Force Defense Wings" that are fully equipped with 500 helicopters and 500 Interceptors each. Any damage to any of these units during fighting will be restored by use of about 500 helicopters and 500 Interceptors that are stationed at military airports.

Losses are replaced at a pace of about 80 helicopters and 80 interceptors each game month and larger losses in a single game month will reduce the capacity of the defensive air force to defend the country.

The offensive army will have 2 Land Brigades that are fully equipped and include mainly offensive but also some defensive weapons. There are 3 Long Range radar Planes.

The offensive air force will have one Air Force Attack Unit at its disposal and will not use it as long as the country does not have a president.

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