Wars in Simcountry

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Wars in Simcountry

We receive complaints from players about their countries being attacked and sometimes conquered.
We understand that losing a country in war is unfortunate but it is and remains part of the Simcountry game. We are surprised to find out that many of the complaints are about wars on Fearless Blue - The war world.

Starting an empire on Fearless Blue is risky. Fearless Blue is the war world and everyone who starts an empire or runs a country on that world knows that wars can start any time and without any reason. The same applies in fact to other worlds although war is a little more difficult and requires larger armies.

On all the worlds, except for FB, the main country (the choice is for the player) is in secured mode and it is protected against war. Secured mode gives one country full protection without any limitation.
If needed, a player can set war protection for any other country. This is for free for an average of 10% of the time and can be extended indefinitely by the use of war protection boosters.

We advise everyone to make sure their main assets are in the country that is permanently in secured mode. We also advise you to set war protection on if you feel insecure and to setup a strong defense, supported by a federation, to reduce the probability of an attack.

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