Two New Products - Mobile Devices and Zinc

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Two New Products - Mobile Devices and Zinc

Two new products are added to Simcountry today, these products are Mobile Devices and Zinc.

Mobile Devices:
Mobile devices can now be produced by Mobile Devices Corporations. The corporation is in the High tech group.
Mobile Devices will be used in many different types of corporations and will be added to the consumption products used by the population.

Initially while not produced in large quantities, Mobile Devices are used in small quantities only in the telephone corporations and internet corporations. Their use will be increased in the coming weeks as their availability increases.

Zinc is now added to the mining group of products. It is initially used in the production of Steel and in construction corporations. The use of Zinc will be extended in the coming weeks as it becomes more available.
More products will be added into the mining group in the coming months. These products will be needed when the natural resources extension of Simcountry is introduced in the near future.

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