Improved Defenses

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Improved Defenses

When an air wing is needed for the defense, we used to select the largest air wing that was available within range and use it to defend the target.

The selected air wing did not necessarily have the best weapons for the defense. For example, it could have 400 interceptors while the attacker was using land forces and defense helicopters would have been much more effective in the defense.

We have now improved the defense and when a defense wing is called to support the defense, we select the best fit defense wing that is within range and most capable to counter the attack.

There are several parameters involved in the selection. The capability to defend depends on the mix of weapons that are available in the defense wings and it also depends on the mix of weapons that are used in the attack.

When selecting the defense wing to be used, we are looking both at the range from the target, the mix of helicopters and interceptors and the types of weapons used in the attack.

To optimize your defenses, it is good to have air wings that are interceptors only, ones that are defense helicopters only but also mixed wings that are capable of reacting to multiple weapon attacks including for example, navy attacks by both sea based cruise and navy fighters.

The same criteria apply when a defense wing of a federation member is called upon to participate in the defense.

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