Training the Army

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Training the Army

The new war engine will introduce training programs for army units to improve their quality.
As a first step, the army will start using some ammunition for training, depending on the number of weapons in the army. The amount of ammunition used, will depend on the weapon and on the numbers that are active or in the reserves.

This change will not increase the cost of maintaining the army. The monthly running cost of the army will only partially shift to the use of ammunition. The use of other materials will be reduced. The reduction will match the cost of the ammunition.

The reason for this change is to activate the ammunition production and gear it up for the future war engine that will require more intensive training of army units.

The ammunition industry is currently not very active and it is sometimes difficult to make these corporations profitable. The use of more ammunition will help these corporations to become more profitable.

This function will be introduced on June 12 with the first several defense weapons and will be expanded to include all weapons (not including the nuclear weapons).

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