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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Expanding corporations

Many types of corporations will grow in size. The corporations are gradually hiring more people, their turnover and cost will increase proportionally, and their market value is increasing. Typical changes are boosting corporation man power by about 4% but are limited to a small part of the products. The total influence on employment in all corporations is less than 0.5% because only some corporations are expanded each week.

This round of changes are intended to: a. Reduce the growth in the number of corporations per country and make it easier to manage. b. Increase the revenue per corporation, increase the profit per corporation and with it the market value. This will create larger assets that are stable and very valuable for the country or enterprise. We intend to make it possible to trade corporations on the direct market. Average corporate value is already on the increase. c. Reduce the growth in the total number of corporations in all the worlds and stop the increase in processing time that is becoming a very heavy load on our servers. (500.000 corporations with many transactions each are processed many times each day). This issue is as old as the game. Reducing processing time will allow us to add more features that require live updating.

These changes in number of workers will be activated with the next game update, later this week.

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