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What is Simcountry?
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The welfare Index

The current welfare index in corporations has an influence on production levels in corporations. If the welfare index is much higher than 100, production level in corporations will increase without the need for more workers.
Many experienced players use this to make their corporations more profitable. The welfare index is currently mainly influenced by the salary levels in the corporations.

The welfare index will be developed much further and will include more factors. Some already have an influence, some are new. The corporate welfare index will depend more on the country welfare index which is a combination of the quality of health in the country, the education level, social security levels, transportation, employment levels in the country and the supply index that shows how well the country makes sure that all the needed products for its population are indeed available.

New factors in the country welfare index will be the weighted average of the quality of products that the country is providing to its population and the emigration policy of the country and empire. The immigration policy will depend on population transfers. Countries and empires that are absorbing population transfers will have a better welfare index than countries that are selling off their population. Recent transfers will have more influence on the index than older ones. Multiple transfers will have more influence.

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