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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Corporations in Simcountry

Corporations in Simcountry keep growing in size at a low pace. Up to 10% of the corporations increase in size by less than 5% each week (or two weeks). In the process, these corporations become more profitable. Other corporations may also increase their turnover but the number of workers remains unchanged and the increase in turnover translates into more profitability.

The market value of corporations increased significantly in the same period and together with the appreciation of the value of game money, we think that corporate value of corporations, in terms of gold coins has doubled in the past several months. We expect this process to continue for some time but most of it is behind us.

At the same time, the number of HLW is decreased across all corporations and mainly the number of HLW needed when the corporation is upgraded. We have seen that the changing mix of workers and professionals in corporations during upgrades is confusing for many players and will reduce the numbers. Shortages in HLWs are much smaller now and will disappear.

We have looked at what needs to be done after such corporate upgrade rounds and the "damage" is limited. In countries we control, we are closing one corporation from time to time and the balance remains largely undisturbed. Sometimes, two or three conversions of professionals into workers are needed to help solve the problem.

We think that a smaller number of corporations with a higher value per corporation and more profit will make it easier to manage the economy.

The market value of private corporations is in general much higher than the market value of state corporations. State corporations have higher fixed costs. Private corporations on the other hand, contribute part of their turnover to the country where they reside and are very attractive to these countries. The best performing president have very large numbers of private and public corporations.

The increase in profitability of corporations, including private corporations has worked through in Enterprises and many of them are now much more profitable than before.

Public corporations have the best chance to develop a very high market value and as we have seen recently, their values are also increasing.

The latest round of corporate upgrades was installed today.

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